Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

We all appreciate and recognize the old addage about steamy “summer love” but here in Florida, summer days can be oppressive.  Due to the heat and humidity, summer weddings can provide challenges above and beyond the normal wedding planning pitfalls.  Additionally, although not officially huricane season, we can be subject to copious amounts of thunderstorms and rain in the summer.

If you are planning a summer wedding here in Florida, where temperatures can be in the 90’s with 100% humidity, here are a few things you need to consider from a practical standpoint…

  1. If planning an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, make sure the wedding venue has an indoor backup!  Very important that you discuss this early in the venue selection process.
  2. Make sure you factor in the heat!  You and your wedding party should have plenty of fluids throughout the day.  Although everyone needs to take this advice to heart, it is even more important for our couples who are from any state above the Mason-Dixon Line!  Florida folks are more acclimated to the heat but that does not make us immune to dehydration, etc.  I once shot a summer wedding where a bridesmaid actually passed out in the lineup and the groom almost passed out due to the heat – not a fun time.  I was guzzling Gatorade all day to stay hydrated!  So drink lots of fluids (remember that alcohol is a diuretic so it does not count as “fluids”) and take breaks from the heat to avoid dehydration!
  3. Make-up melts in the heat!  Sweat and humidity can destroy the wonderful work that your make-up artists does for you and your bridesmaids.  Having a touch-up kit available throughout the day is critical – especially when you are outside!
  4. Hairstyling is even more supsceptible to summer heat and humidity.  Try to have your hairstylist create styles that are more resistant to frizzy and flat hair caused by summer conditions.  Braids such as French Braids and other creative braiding can do wonders!
  5. It may seem obvious but having a good pair of sunglasses can really be a lifesaver.
  6. Consider picking lighter colors and breathable fabrics (like cotton or linen) to help keep you cooler for summer weddings. There is nothing worse than being in a black tuxedo, in the summer, on the beach with no shade. Don’t do this to your wedding party!

These are a few “hot tips” (pun intended) for you! Consider these when planning your summer wedding!

Chuck Jackson is a wedding photographer for PhotoActive Photography in Tampa, FL. Visit to see wedding images and samples from other photography genres, as well, and contact him about your wedding needs today!

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