At PhotoActive Photography we offer bridal sessions in two flavors: A more traditional bridal session we call “Glamourize the Dress” and a “Trash-the-Dress” session.  These sessions offer brides the opportunity to express themselves in ways many of them may not have ever done before.  Brides get to channel their inner diva/model in a fun and glamourous photoshoot that will leave both the bride and groom VERY happy, adding yet another level of excitement to their wedding!

In addition to offering in-studio options, we also provide on-location options for our bridal sessions.  Consider them in your equation when determining what you want/need in your wedding package. These are always a good time so don’t overlook them!

Chuck Jackson is a wedding photographer for PhotoActive Photography in Tampa, FL. Visit to see wedding images and samples from other photography genres, as well, and contact him about your wedding needs today!