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Laura & Brian at sunset

Laura & Brian at sunset

Written by Chuck Jackson

As a wedding photographer, some of the most important, if not THE most important, tools of the trade are our lenses. Given the fact that we often shoot in low light situations, fast lenses (defined as f/2.8 or faster) are a definite must have for any wedding photographer’s toolbox. Furthermore, the depth of field control provided with these fast lenses makes for even lovelier shots!

For me, I have 3 favorite lenses (in no particular order): I love my Nikkor 85mm/1.8, my Sigma 50-150mm/2.8 OC EX HSM, and my Nikkor 35mm/1.8. Since I shoot weddings with two camera bodies at all times, I almost always have my 50-150mm/2.8 on one body (because of the extreme versatility of this lens’s focal length) and something else on the other body (usually the 35mm/1.8 or the 85mm/1.8, depending upon the situation.

Note: My 4th favorite lens would be the 18-55mm/VR lens for wider angle use, however, my style favors tighter composition in many cases so this is normally not one of my initial choices.

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