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Written by Chuck Jackson

While we would like to think every wedding photographer takes their weddings seriously, sadly, this is not the case. Many times, weddings are nothing more than another job in the minds of some. This is a mistake to be avoided when selecting your wedding photographer. “How do you do this,” you ask? It starts when you begin talking about your wedding with the photographer…


One of the first questions I ask the bride and groom is to describe their wedding vision to me. Everyone envisions their special day quite differently and this comes out clearly as they begin to express the details of the day. Everything from the theme, the colors, the look & feel, the style, etc. can differ, and differ significantly, from wedding to wedding. Your wedding is uniquely yours!


Why do I take being a wedding photographer so seriously and enjoy it so much? Simply put, I consider myself to be a visual family historian. Capturing the joining of two families and their histories together is an important day in both family lineages that will continue on for generations. Additionally, when meeting with clients, I believe it should be made clear to the bride and groom that their wedding is NOT just another job, but a part of their heritage. As your wedding photographer, we are capturing precious moments in your family history that will be passed down from generation to generation. This is what we like most about our job and why we SHOULD take it seriously.


Interestingly enough, some photographers approach weddings as just another job, just another paycheck, just another high-stress”bridezilla” experience. You want a wedding photographer that approaches YOUR wedding day as the keeper of some of your family’s most cherished records – your wedding pictures and memories. Not only should good wedding photographers chronicle your wedding day from start to finish, they should do so meticulously, capturing as many moments and memories as possible. Photographic images represent the thoughts and emotions associated with specific moments in time and, in that sense, a picture is truly worth a 1000 words.


The joining of families through marriage is an age-old tradition. It has been a pillar of every society and culture since we’ve recorded history. Wedding records often provide key insights into family histories and genealogies, and even that of entire communities, when other records were unavailable.


This is the legacy of the wedding photographer – WE are the keepers of some of the most important records you will pass on to your children and your children’s children.

Chuck Jackson is a wedding photographer for PhotoActive Photography in Tampa, FL. Check out http://www.photoactivephotographytampa.com to see wedding images and samples from other photography genres, as well!